Monday, March 15, 2010


i just barfed at the office out of sheer anxiety. not that there was much to barf up, aside from water cause its impossible to get much else into me.

so i went to get more water to put back in me what my body rejected. i walked to a corner store, that also has a weird sorta diner in it where old people sit and eat gross food at a bar. i yanked out my bills from my pocket to pay and a tooney flew out of my folded bills right smack into someones meal. he gave me back my greasy gravy and ketchup covered money, and told me he was done anyways.

then i came back to the office after somewhat calming down, and decided i shouldnt drink coffee anymore, so i went into the bathroom to dump it down the sink and squeezed too hard and the thing exploded, lid flew off, and i covered the entire room in a large medium blend.

yesterday at work i walked directly into a wall with a bin full of wine glasses. a lot of it broke.

im a disaster. id say a walking disaster but its more of a flailing im doing lately.

violet sent me something nice. its here.

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