Thursday, January 21, 2010

today is a day.

today is mild in weather, yet nothing else. i cannot seem to out run this shit storm of strange and funny feelings that has been following me for the past month.

i got a new place. its small and has a large patio. summer come soon. i expect you to bring big things…. sangria, friends, bbq’s, and sunshine? fuzzy puppies?

in the meantime, me and my other will be making a short jaunt to la. fast and furious. it will be good to get away from working the equivalent of 9 days a week, even if its only for 4 days.

my good friend just flew to san francisco, this is what happened to her at the airport -“security: ‘put your hands in your pockets’ me: ‘but I dont have any pockets. These lines are just seams’ security: ‘ok, pretend to put your hands in your pockets’ me: *puzzled face* ‘Uh, ok’ *mimes some hand in pockets action*. Security then swabs my hands for explosives from my pretend pockets.”

that the only funny story i have today, and its not even mine.

tonight is dinosaur jr. i’m excited.

here is a picture from sunday. it was peabodys

1st birthday.

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